1. I got two pairs of Bruno Frisonis......

    One's at 815 + tax....white and navy stripes.....with black patent leather...
    and the other one was 880 + tax with pink satin and black lace... with satin covered platform and heels...

    I am so torn between those two....I might keep both of them...but they are so expensive! I personally think the striped one's going to last longer...I have couple satin shoes...and they are in pretty bad shape after couple of times of wearing them.

    Even though they are same design, they are so different and despite the 4and 1/2 inch heels, they are so comfy!

    Which one shoul I go with? SHoul I keep both and give up LV patchwork speedy?

    (the navy stripe is 7 1/2, and the pink with black lace is size is 7, but they didn't have 7 for the stripes..but 7 and 1/2 isn't too bad either)

    What should I do?
    (Or should I let go of both of them? Do the too tall heels make them look too fettish?)

    HONEST HONEST Opinions..plz!
    Bruno Frisoni.JPG Bruno Frisoni 2.JPG Bruno Frisoni 3.JPG
  2. I like the pair with the white and navy stripes.
  3. omg those are to die for!!! i like both :smile: sorry, im not much help!
  4. brilliant choices!
    keep the stripped ones!
    : )
  5. I love both!!!!
    If I were to choose..i would keep the black & white one.
  6. Do you REALLLLY have to choose? They are both so lovely! :heart: I'm heading to the Frisoni boutique when I get to Paris next month -- I can't wait! His ribbon shoes are so amazing.

    KEEP BOTH! KEEP BOTH! (sorry!)
  7. Keep both! I LOVE THEM!
  8. I love the striped ones! They're both gorgeous though! Good luck deciding!
  9. I love the striped ones!!! Love!!!
  10. when I was reading your post, I thought " $800+ for a pair of shoes and they arent even louboutins, I was getting ready to say return them" then I scrolled down and saw the pics...WOW fabulous!!! Keep them BOTH. they are so different in their own way...LOVES them.
  11. :nuts:Oh God, I need some oxygen.........please keep them both. Too gorgeous to choose between them.
  12. These are my favorite shoes EVER!!! I'd say keep them both...
  13. Gogeous! keep the striped ones for sure!
  14. OMG!!!! I love love love those Bruno Fs. Ok I say keep both. You have to. But if you are forcing my hand...I have adore the striped pair:love:
  15. I like the striped ones as well!