Bruno Frisoni - Ribbon Platform Sandals $284!!!

  1. I love those! Unfortunately, not my size. :sad:
  2. Ahhh yeah just my size and now they are mine! though I wish they had the orange ones!
  3. Those are so cute! Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I never go any where that I could wear them.....
  4. MrsShoeGal, what size did you get? LOL
  5. ^ im guessing 39.5 which was the only other size left.

    good thing, because im a 39.5 and was thinking about getting them..but they are so unconventional for me.
  6. 38.5 is showing now.

    And, I grabbed the 39.5 just a little bit ago, but who knows if they go through then? Or, perhaps they magically had more than a few pairs?
  7. Nevermind, I cancelled my order. I don't go out as much as I used to, so I would rather put the $300 towards something else. LOL Thanks Stinas for the awesome link though. :smile:
  8. I pray they do add more....need a 40/40.5. Saving link:graucho:
  9. Are you sure the 39.5 won't work? I just put them back...any luck w/ the Fendi B slides by the way?
  10. Lovemybags, I saw that on Vivre too! IT IS SOOOOOOOO CUTE! I cancelled my shoe order though b/c those things look unstable and I am due for a nice falling flat on my ass. LMAO

    Did you see how on that site, the shoes were originally 6 something, but on Saks they were 815?
  11. They don't look stable but they are gorgeous! Worth $800? Not to me, but definitely a buy at $284! I would have picked them up if they had my size.

    No I didn't see the shoes on Vivre, I had the bag bookmarked from a while ago- strange about the original price difference...hmmm, wonder which is correct

    Vivre is pretty high priced but gets really great, unique stuff- I love the site but mainly buy things when they go on sale.
  12. I keep on wavering back and forth on whether I should get them. They are so frickin cute, and I can just picture them w/ a cute simple black dress or even jeans.

    This would not be a question had I not been spending like a mad woman the last month. LOL

    What size do you need?
  13. 7 or 7.5

    If you see them pop up let me know

    They are HOT!

    I'm going to Vegas on Sunday, I can't wait to see what kind of sales I find- rumor has it tons of high end boutiques are having sales.

    I've been spending like crazy myself- this board is addictive! Yet, I always feel good about the deals we find! I just can't bring myself to pay full retail for bags or shoes anymore!