Brunch wedding??

  1. Hello, everyone! I was contemplating doing my wedding kinda Sunday brunch style. Has anyone ever been to this type of wedding? What did you think?? Thanks!!:yes: :heart:
  2. If you have a choice, I'd say do it on Saturday. It's been a pain for my DH and I to go to weddings out of town that are on a Sunday... I know it's a better rate and if you do it in the morning I guess that helps... but generally I'd suggest a Saturday wedding.

    Never been to a wedding with the reception before 2pm. Can't help there. Although I've been to a few that had brunches the next day (wedding and reception Sat night with a brunch Sunday for those who don't have flights too early)... not sure if that helps!

    Congrats on planning your wedding!!
  3. Thanks so much for your response! :smile:

    You are so sweet:smile:
  4. I have! It was very nice! The ceremony was at 10am, and the reception was immediately after. They served mimosas, bloody marys, and brunch type food. It was on a Saturday morning.
  5. Mmmm mimosas and bellinis are my fave!!! Sounds like a great wedding:smile:
  6. I think it's a fantastic time and way to do a wedding! You can cut down significantly on your reception costs; you may even be able to negotiate better prices on your location and photographer because of the timing, and it means you and your groom have plenty of time to chill out post-reception.
  7. Thanks evoque! Those are totally some of the things that are making me think of this option:smile:
  8. I think you should do it! That's what I want to do at least, a brunch wedding, when ever I happen to get married. Brunch is the best meal of the day! :smile: And I feel like it is more relaxed than a dinner. I had a friend planning a wedding and I mentioned that I'd do a brunch and people gave me a weird look... but I think it is a nice change of pace from a lot of the evening receiptions that just start to blend together. And I definitely agree with Saturday and not on Sunday though, then out of town guests can get there Friday night and rest before the next morning's festivities.

    Good luck with all of your wedding planning!
  9. Thanks for the feedback, ladies! You are so great!! :smile:
  10. I attended a Saturday brunch wedding at a Theological place in L'ville. It was nice, certainly less expensive than a traditional Saturday evening wedding. If you are looking at having a brunch wedding, I would certianly look at having it at a historical place, a museum, country club or someplace very elegant. I believe the wedding was around 11:00-11:30, with the reception immediately after. They served mimosas, bloody marys, and had very high-end brunch food, with seafood and lunch type items too. Hope that helps, but then again it was a smaller wedding- maybe 60-80 people, 90 at the most.
  11. I really don't know anything about weddings, but I think that is a really great idea! I'm not a very traditional person, so I love it when peole mix things up a little. Plus I love brunch!!
  12. I've been to a Saturday brunch wedding. It was incredibly charming! Full of sunlight, laughter, champagne, no dancing (yay!)....just a lot of conversation and great food. It was at a restaurant in Marin County in California, where the roof opened up to the sky and you could see the tall treetops all around from every angle. The ceremony was in the morning.

    I thought this brunch wedding was a total breath of fresh air. And I didn't have to obsess about dressing up really formal! The casual-ness of the event was very refreshing. Everything just felt really natural, pretty, and un-fussy!
  13. I think it's a great idea. It's very simple and nice on the pockets!
  14. I think it is a cute and intimate idea.
  15. Thanks!! I am getting really excited now. My parents were going to pay for my wedding, no matter what I wanted. It was climbing into the upper $20k's.

    I felt, however, that this money could be put to better use and I felt bad that I was doing some frivilous things with the money, especially since it was my parents and not mine!!

    So I think I am going to do the Saturday/Sunday brunch at the Seville Golf and Country Club in AZ. It is soooo pretty there...brand new and it has Tuscan style architercture. This way, we can have my fav meal (BREAKFAST!!!! looooove waffles!!!) and my fav drinks, bellinis and mimosas!! Yum!!!!!!!!! Our guest list should be around 100 people:smile:

    I am still going to splurge on my dress, flowers, photography, etc but this way I don't feel as guilty.

    We are planning this WAAAY in wedding isn't going to be until November of 2008!!! However, I am a bit OCD so I need this much time to plan!

    We are going to honeymoon at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach. :smile:

    Thanks again ladies for all of the feedback!!! :smile: