Bruna owners... Advice please!

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  1. I've been lusting after a MJ Bruna since... pretty much forever! Now I've found two different colors that I like; fuchsia or bronze. I prefer bronze but the price difference is pretty significant. Now, the problem is, to finance this bag I would have to sell two old ones. That's why I would like to hear all pros and cons from all of you! TIA!
  2. i have nothing, but pros for you. this has quickly become one of my favorite go-to bags. not only is it work appropriate, but it goes so well with casual outfits on the weekends too. it's light. the leather is soft. it has the all too important, but rather neglected cell phone pocket. there's enough hardware to be aesthetically impacting without toeing the fine line towards ostenatious. it fits over your shoulder and is the perfect size: not too big, not too small. the bronze is stunning. i own it and use it practically everyday.

    i understand your reticence with the price difference, but if bronze is your first choice, i wouldn't settle for the fuchsia. it is well worth it, trust me.
  3. Thank you tadpolenyc! That's really helpful! Does the bronze color get scuff marks easily?
  4. nope. i can be pretty unforgiving on my bags too.
  5. yes, i agree- don't settle for a color that your heart isn't quite in to. it makes all the difference when it comes to actually using the bag. i love the bronze! save up or sell a few of your bags you haven't been using :yes:
  6. Thanks for the advice Coach superfan. The reason why I prefer bronze is because I think the bronze is much more versatile and works year round. The fuchsia is fabulous and very "me", but we are talking about a dream bag and everything has to be just right. I guess I have some thinking to do...
  7. LOve the Bruna and can't say enough good things about it. It's absolutely chic yet unassuming. I'd go the fuschia because I adore bright colours and I find that the Bruna's conservative style calls for a colour that pops!
  8. I have the Bruna in a light tan (is it oatmeal?) and I carry it almost every single day. I would definately go for the bronze (have you seen it on sale a net-a-porter btw?)
    I think that the more I use the bag the better it gets. It so soft and perfect slouchy, its really forgiving. I even (hold your breath folks) dripped tea on it, and it just wiped right off!