Brun or Noir????

  1. I've got my heart set on a Noir classic paddy (no big suprise I'm sure!!).....but, tonight my husband said he like the Brun (on Diabro) better.......I've ALWAYS been a black bag girl.....and am nervous about changing that, but the brun does seem quite dark....

    What do you girls think? Can you post pictures of your brun's so I can get a feel for what they really look like, and if you have both black and brun a comparison pic would be great!

    The only problem with Diabro is their returns policy, or lack thereof - I've never seen a paddy in realy life and it makes me nervous to do a final sale, just in case! And NAP don't have any Brun's at present, so I'm even MORE nervous about taking the Brun plunge!!!

  2. i Have A Brun Paddy Wallet And Sidepocket Bag. :heart:I Love The Color It's Very Dark :
  3. i've seen the brun IRL and it really is a nice dark color. go for it :smile:
  4. I just wish I could get it somewhere else than Diabro, somewhere that has a retuns policy!!! Anyone got pics of a brun and noir together!?!
  5. I think you should keep searching for a black/Noir. :graucho: You've had your heart set on it for some time, and I think in the long run you'd rather spend a little more on the colour you think will work best for you, rather than being unsure about the colour. :supacool:
  6. Very true.....ironically the Brun on Diabro is cheaper than the Noir...... The good news is one of the SAs that you gave me the email for is looking for bags for me....:tup:they're not on sale though...:tdown:
  7. Nordies is completely out of medium Paddingtons according to the lovely SA who searched their system.

    I'm leaning towards the Brun now, but would still love more pics if anyone has any???

    Any chance you can get larger ones Ali?? Your bag and purse look lovely!!
  8. I will try to resize the pics and post them again;)
  9. You can probably find a nice authentic noir on eBay. Check the eBay finds thread. Dont settle for a bag you arent in love with - its just not worth it!
  10. Brun! :nuts:

  11. Lol - :lol: You are biassed Lean!
  12. hehee... she asked for pics. :tup:

  13. LV did a phenomenal job with Chloe color swatches here ---->
    Check it out! And my vote goes for the brown because to it's the BEST paddy color and anyway you've already got lots of black bags!
  14. Brun is a fairly dark brown colour; I thought it looked dull and old lady-ish. So I bought a Paddington in chocolate; it has slight burgundy undertones and the colour has more texture and depth.

    If you went for Noir, which colour stitching or hardware were you considering?
  15. Personally I wouldn't say old-ladyish but I also like the choco over the brun which I think is a bid dull as well. Between noir and brun I would try to get a noir, but none with a black padlock they chip too easily and then it looks really "messy".