bruce's daddy-daughter day

  1. Bruce Willis grabbed a bite to eat yesterday afternoon with youngest daughter Tallulah Willis, 12. The daddy-daughter duo caught lunch at longstanding Beverly Hills eatery La Scala, which servers Italian food. More pictures in the gallery!

    Earlier this month, Bruce, 51, sued childhood friend Bruce DiMattia, claiming he tried to extort at least $100,000 from him by threatening to release private photos of the actor..

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. she looks like him!! and i think he looks great for his age!
  3. aww! yay! they look like they're having fun!

    this makes me miss my dad. we need to have lunch.
  4. She looks really grown-up for 12 years old! I want some sunglasses like those :wlae:
  5. She looks so much like her dad!
  6. I agree that she looks so much like him!
  7. Great pictures!
  8. She looks so pretty. I like those pics!
  9. cute i agree with the majority, they def look like daddy and daughter .. :smile:
  10. Love Bruce. She is a cutie and carrying a cute purse. Are we not paying attention PFers?
  11. ^ haha. i think it's a Marc by MJ... the one with the flower on the front? hmm... i'm not too sure.
  12. Bruce looks like a great dad
  13. I know, lol! and if you enlarge the second and last picture, there's someone in front of the camera carrying what appears to be a very delicious looking black SPY.
  14. ^^ Oh the Spy!!!
  15. Tallulah looks so much like him! So does Scout.

    Rumor looks like her mother.

    (But then, they have good looking parents!)

    From L to R, Scout Tallulah, Rumor.