Bruce Willis's daughter plans name change

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  1. By WENN world entertainment news - Saturday, April 14
    Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's teenage daughter Talullah is legally changing her name -
    because she has never liked the one her parents picked for her.

    Willis went public with his 13-year-old's name-change plans during a taped appearance
    on The Late Show With David Letterman. He revealed, "She wanted me to mention here on
    the big show that she's legally changing her name from Talullah to Lula, just Lula. She doesn't
    like her name." And Willis has agreed to let his daughter go through with her plans - because
    he knows what it's like to grow up with a name you don't like.He adds, "I didn't care for my
    name... especially after my father told me that he named me after Bruce Wayne, Playboy
  2. oh... that sucks! Would anyone ever change their name except for the traditional changing of last names due to marriage?
  3. My mom once said she liked the name Siobhean for me, but decided against it because it would've been REALLY difficult to learn how to spell it.

    (I would have eventually changed it.)
  4. Thankfully, I love my name. Frankly, I don't blame her for changing it! LOL People probably call her Lula anyway. I am glad her father supports her decision!
  5. Well at least she's just changing it to a shorter version of her original name. She's not picking an entirely different name. I wonder if that's been her nickname all along.
  6. I agree that it is good that her father supports her and she isn't changing it to something completely different. I like the name Lula.
  7. If it's been a nickname, why go through all the trouble of the expensive legalities of changing a name? Just tell people to start calling you Lula instead of Tallulah (which by the way I like alot better since it's original).
  8. ^^^ I agree. I do like Tallualh better but since she doesn't she doesn't need to legally change it IMO
  9. ^^ so true
  10. Honestly, I think her name is pretty okay compared to her sisters' names... I mean, Rumer Glenn and Scout?:confused1:

    I'm okay with my name, but I think it's a little boring...
  11. I can relate to this as my parents chose an "interesting" name for me as well and it's a nightmare. I somehow have grown to like it; however there are times when I wish they had chosen something like Marie or Anne.
  12. Exactly. I have always really liked the name Tallulah. I think Tallulah is the more normal name out of Rumer and Scout, but hey thats just my opinion:p
  13. Frankly, Im not a fan of any of the girls' names. I think Scout is the worst name of them all.. It reminds me of a dog... If I were any of them I would change my name too- JMHO
  14. I have always liked Talullah Bankhead. orrr the Tori Amos song. :smile:
  15. I remember when the girls were born and how I thought they had such weird names (!) that would be difficult to have....well.
    Isn't it Tallulah belle, and Scout larue ??