Bruce Willis Slams Celebrities that Flaunt Their Children!

  1. Bruce Willis has slammed celebrities who flaunt their children in the
    showbiz spotlight.

    The ‘Die Hard’ actor went out of his way to keep his children away from Los
    Angeles and the celebrity lifestyle when they were young to ensure they didn’t
    become “Hollywood brats”.

    The ‘Die Hard’ star who has three daughters - Rumer, 17, Scout, 14, and
    Tallulah Belle, 12 - with former wife actress Demi Moore, raised the girls
    in rural Idaho and even tried to protect them from knowing they had famous

    Bruce, 52, told website jam!Showbiz: “The kids are great. They’re well
    adjusted and they’re really cool. They treat people nicely and have turned
    out to be really kind, thoughtful kids - not what you would think of as
    Hollywood brats.

    “For the first 10 years I felt it was my job to protect my girls from the
    world and celebrity. They didn’t even know their mother and father were
    famous until they got older. Now I feel I have to get them ready to go out
    into the world, so it’s a very different thought process.”

    The actor was married to Hollywood beauty Demi for 13 years until they
    divorced in 2000.

    Last year, Rumer was seen hanging out with Hollywood hell-raisers Paris
    Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.
  2. I agree with him.
  3. Mee too!
  4. What he did was his choice. He shouldn't be bashing others for their choices. I personally think it would be shocking to find out that my parents are major celebrities and I never knew.

  5. LOL agree, i wonder that madonna kept her kids from tv, and how their reaction when they knew her mom's "acts" on tvs all these years :roflmfao:
  6. I don't think it's necessary to move to rural Idaho in order to keep your kids out of the spot light but I agree with the idea. Peggy
  7. but idk bc his oldest is always showen clubbin with paris and linds and there have been pics out there of her partying
    to me this sounds like the typical proud parent who never suspects his own are out there doing the dirty
  8. Didn't Bruce or Demi have one of the kids act in a movie with them?? How is that shielding them from Hollywood??
    I get the point he is trying to make but when your kid is photographed out clubbing with Paris you should probably keep your mouth shut.
  9. i agree with you!
  10. I agree. It would be very shocking to find out that my parents had a hidden life.
  11. To each their own.
  12. i don't understand though, people in Ohio go to the movies, have one in Ohio saw Diehard? i just don't get how they had no idea their parents were celebs..
  13. I agree with him.
  14. This is what first came to mind, other than that I agree with him but he should practise what he preaches:yes: