's so cold!

  1. i feel like leaving the house in sweats instead of jeans.

    reason being is that my sweats are thicker and more comfty and warm then my beloved jeans.

    anyone else feel that way?

    btw. it's also very sunny so i would wear my sunglasses. lol. can you imagine?!
  2. You wouldn't believe how many times I've wanted to do that! But where does one buy those good, old-fashioned sweat pants anymore? I'd love to get a couple of pairs.
  3. Lol! I do it all of the time. Can you believe Im in So. Cal close to O.C. and it snowed here(very lightly) this morning!!!!
  4. I'm in Vancouver, BC we got lots of snow I nearly lost a toe to frost bite this morning waiting for my train :cry:
  5. it reached a high of 5F here today...I pretty much stayed inside..wrapped up in a blankie...Burrrrrrrrrrr
  6. Yeah, it got up to 7 degrees here today. I have these awesome merino wool loose tights from Ibexwear that I love! Super comfy and they look really nice! I wear them to work all the time! When it gets really cold I wear merino long johns underneath.
  7. I am on my laptop wearing sweatpants, short-sleeved t, slipper socks, and college zipper hoodie all underneath a throw on the couch. It is cold as ___________________________ (You fill in the blank):confused1:
  8. i had to wear thermals and layers to get to work this morning.. it's still pretty cold.. for southern californians.. 54 degrees F regular as a high? that's absurd!! :roflmfao:
  9. mine are from champion :smile: i also have one from gap that is a bit thinner, so i wear (don't laugh) leggings underneath.

    what i'm wondering is, does anyone feel like it's colder this time around versus last year or is it just me and all the global warming stuff i've been bombarded with in my health classes/media?
  10. High of 5 here too, currently it is 1 degree.

    I can say that snow 4 weeks in a row is very rare for CO. People think we get a lot of snow, but, truly we don't. Not blizzards, and not like we have been getting.
  11. i just got home from work... the thermometer in the car shows that it is 4 degrees out....
  12. It's pretty cold here too...there was a blizzard here the other day. I'm not going outside until things decide to warm up!
  13. I'm FREEZING! I'm such a baby teehee. I can't even imagine actual freezing's in the 40s though!
  14. it's interesting with the whole global warming thing.. it's melting the ice caps in the antartics/north caps.. so theres more water in the ocean.. so then there's a colder winter because of it.
  15. Yesterday it was -34.6F with wind chill where I live, we are in the middle of a cold snap, the 2nd one this year. so fun