Brrr.....need new silk comforter

  1. It's been really cold here and I want to get a new silk comforter. I used to have down but I prefer silk. I was looking at this one: Silk Comforters - Imperial Delight

    Anyone have any recs for buying online? My parents usually bring a silk comforter from Asia but they're not going to be back until the summer so that will be too late.
  2. i have no experience buying silk comforters.. but i thought silk was .. colder. it doesn't hold warmth well? shrugs. good luck on your quest.
  3. It's actually quite heavy, a lot heavier than my down comforters and is warm.
  4. I LOVE silk comforters with silk batting. Very warm and not heavy, like blankets.

    I haven't bought any online, though, so I can't be helpful.

    Good luck in your quest!

  5. Silk comforters are incredibly warm! I went to China and bought one about 6 years ago and I pull it out every winter!
  6. You learn something new every day!
  7. L.L. Bean sells silk undershirts to wear under clothes (like long underwear) to hold in body heat.

    So it would make sense a silk comforter would be warm.
  8. I have both and personally use my down one always and may throw the silk one on top. The silk one is very heavy and doesn't hold heat as well but it is so soft to the touch! I bought my silk one at Pottery Barn a couple years ago.
  9. Has anyone tried the ones from Pearl River? If I weren't poor, I'd give them a shot. How bad could it be? I've gotten other stuff from them that was good.
  10. That's where my family and I got our's too! Was it at that little silk factory?!

    Silk keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter! I definitely recommend it :yes:
  11. I live in the east coast. I find silk comforter does not keep me warm enough during winter. I am referring to the real silk comforter which I purchased from the silk factory in China. It is good for fall, but not for winter. Perhaps it is warm enough for the balmy weather in the west coast.

    To keep myself adequately warm in winter, I use my European white goose down comforter. It is 100% down and has a very high packing/fill density. In terms of warmth, it is equivalent to three, 100% silk comforter. In terms of weight, I find my goose comforter very comfortable.

    Therefore, I recommend you consider a high fill density goose down comforter instead of a silk comforter if you live in a cold climate area. If you still want to consider silk comforter, make sure that you purchase a larger size than advertised. The queen size silk comforter from China is equivalent to a full size in US. Similarly, the king size from China is equivalent to a queen size in US.

    I do not recommend buying comforters online unless returns are allowed. I prefer to touch and feel the fabric in order to be sure what I am purchasing is exactly what I want and need.

    To add to the needed warmth, you may consider using warm, flannel bedsheets (instead of summer cotton) and, if necessary, a goose down bed liner.
  12. Beware of fakes. Even if purchased in China, unless you see it at the factory, good chance that it's not 100% silk as labelled.