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  1. And saw a new chanel bag today which was highly recommended by the friendly SA. It's black on silver, exactly the same style as the Classic Flap, but the double straps is made out from chains with inter-connecting beads clustered in the middle/peak of the straps.

    Does anyone know which bag I'm talking about? Anyone know the name of this bag? I was told this is the newest style, it comes in black as well as white, but the SA recommends the black to hide any wear in the long run? This bag is so beautiful!! I think I'm in love! :love:

    ETA: the bag is shaped exactly like this in black, but the straps are like the tiffany beaded bracelet[​IMG]at the center of the double straps
  2. My honest comment;

    I don't like the way they attached the chain to that beads.
    I think this bag is not worth buying because the connected between
    beads and chain looked really weak.
    The size is too small for everyday use, more for evening.
    Price point that start from 1200 make me feel like I need to get
    something better out of this.
    Sorry can't find the picture. But I definately know which bag you talking about.

  3. No problem. Everyone has their own individual taste and that's why there are many styles per brand to suit our individual needs. ;) My weakness has always been small bags (I'm an expert at maximizing storage space for tiny bags). Most of my bags are evening-size by your standard :P

    I actually like this new style than the leather straps looped in chains in classic flaps...for some reason these beaded straps look cleaner, sleeker to me. :nuts:
  4. The strap sounds really pretty. I'd love to see this in real life.
  5. This bag sounds very yummy!

    Did the white come with the silver too?
    Is it the same size as the medium classic flap - or smaller like the reissue 224?

    I think I'll try to go to chanel this weekend to see if they have these bags! :biggrin:
  6. I would love to see this!

    Sounds neat.

  7. i'm gonna try and go to the boutique to see this bag! maybe they will come out with larger sizes.. .and how did you maximize ur bags? I have the biggest problem with fitting in everything i want in my purses.
  8. Miffy. I'm not sure if the white comes with silver, I'd assume that it does! I don't think the chanel boutique I went to has it in white yet. The straps are very attractive and elegant so I can imagine myself wearing it for work, then after work for drinks or even with jeans during the weekends! When you do go, please find out the name of the bag for me. I'm not sure what size it is exactly, but it's about the same size as my LV pochette, which is 9"W by 5" tall, but it's a bit wider than my pochette, so I'm thinking maybe 10.5" x 6"? Oh, if you can find out how much this baby costs, that'd be great!!! I'll then know how to structure my monthly savings to go to this bag!

    May - I only carry my small wallet, key holder, cell phone and a lippy in my purse most of my days. As to maximizing space in my small purses, it's just a matter of playing Tetris with your items... and I've become quite good at it ;)
  9. bluekit - thanks for the info! i'll let you know what i find out about the purse.

    i totally know what you mean about playing tetris with your purse contents :biggrin: - i tend to carry smaller bags too!
  10. I think the bag looks gorgeous though.
  11. This sounds wonderful. I hope someone can find a picture.
  12. I need to see the pics. Very curious....
    Sounds wonderful!!!
  13. I browsed through the Chanel website but couldn't find a picture of it! If anyone has the catalog -- it may be there since it's new. :smile:
  14. I went to the Chanel boutique and NM this weekend looking for the bag. At Chanel the SA had no idea what I was talking about. :sad:

    At NM there was a purse with the chain resembling bluekit's description, but the purse was more like a sack (definitely nothing like the classic flap.) The SA said they had just gotten in that bag and hadn't received the classic flap in that collection, and didn't really know about it either. :sad:

    I hoped I would be able to come back to you girls with more info and pics, but guess we'll have to wait.
  15. i remember seeing the bag ur talking about at the chanel in manhasset yesterday in two sizes.......and i agree that the strap is gorgeous, it's very intricate.....not an everyday bag but great for an evening out