Browsing norms?

  1. This might be totally foolish, but I’d appreciate your advice.

    I love the look of Bbags, but I haven’t been up close and personal with one. I’m thinking about buying one in the near future, but want to browse first, check out different leathers and colors, but not necessarily buy on my first go around. Should I feel weird about asking to check out several different bags and then going home to sleep on it, or is this pretty common? I’d probably go to Barney’s since they’ll likely have the best selection near me.

    Thanks in advance for the advice! I have no clue why I’m so nervous about this-I had no problem doing the same when car shopping:p
  2. Well, it is ALOT of should be able to take your time when spending this amount of cash. I've never been to a store with them, I live where there are NO balenciaga close by. But I am going to Vegas next month and am planning on going to NM and checking them out. I'm more nervous that I'll BUY something LOL Good Luck!
  3. i think that is perfectly fine...u r the customer so i think u should only make the purchase when u r ready
  4. I think it is normal. I went to see them IRL first and then a couple of weeks later went again to a different place and ended up with a great purchase that I didn't reget at all. I say take your time, when you find the perfect one you will know it.
  5. Dont feel intimidated by a SA pick the friendliest one around!!!lol It is perfectly acceptable to sleep on it! Do a lot of research before hand, they are loads of pics on this forum and you can often see people holding them etc. Then you will have a better idea when you get there and wount feel so helpless. I personally have only ordered over the phone as I live in the UK and nowhere near a Bbag stockist. I often buy from BalNY. Good luck and keep us posted!
  6. Perfectly acceptable! As stated previously, the bags are expensive and you may change your mind about which bag/color is perfect for you. A friendly SA can make all the difference!
  7. I don't like buying without touching either. The Barney's in Chicago has the bbags out, so you don't even need to talk to anybody. :smile:
  8. I agree... I think it is perfectly acceptable... its your money, and you should be able to take the time to make sure you are getting the most enjoyment out of it!! Also, if they rush you to pick one immediately, I feel it would make me more inclined to just return it when I came back to my senses (if I didn't love it...)

    However... based on my recent experiences trying to decide how I wanted to start my collection... I think it also depends on the SA...

    I looked at NM & Saks at the same time, deciding on a few different items. The SA at I worked with at NM got very antsy about me buying something, then was not very nice when I decided I didn't want any of the colors they had... After returning (I found the color I wanted elsewhere), with a bbag on my arm, she wouldn't even wait on me!!! (For the record, I was going to find out what Bal accessory colors they could order in.) I walked out without buying anything... and don't really have a longing to go back.

    Totally opposite experience at Saks around the same time... (for a lower priced item), I was looking at MJ zip clutches and couldn't decide what color, the SA was patient and didn't push me to walk out with one right that minute... I ended going back a day later and buying a color that I loved from her. She was very nice both times and thanked me for remembering her.

    Don't know if it has to anything to do with the stores really, just a difference in SA style I guess...
  9. i agree!!! it's a lot of money to spend if you're not sure.
    when i purchased my first b bags, i was browsing a lot.
  10. I think that's fine too. To avoid hassle you might say you're not sure and you're just browsing right now, but mention to the SA (if they're nice) that you'll be sure to ask for them when you decide to purchase.
  11. it's totally appropriate to do so. especially since you are spending more than 1k on a bag. take as much time as you want. take a business card with the colors and styles you like and the name of an SA you enjoy working with. Take some time to think about it. If you can't stop obsessing about it then it's a match!
  12. A lot of people just go to the shops to 'browse' without the intention of buying... (...and I'm not one of those people!)

    I think its definately cool for you to have a look around first... and if you dont really want a SA "hanging around", when they ask if you are OK, you can tell them "yes thanks, I'm just browsing".

    Generally when I say that to a SA they just tell me to call them if I need a hand...

    That way you can look around in your own time!
  13. I've been browsing the BBags at my Barneys for months. Nothing had really grabbed me, and the SAs were very understanding. I buy clothes and things there pretty regularly and am friends with one of the SAs in men's coop, so they know me and know that I'm not there to waste their time. Everybody's been really sweet... and when I finally bought my vermillion City (my first non-pre-loved bag!) they were all happy for me to have finally found the one that spoke to me. ;)

    I think the whole experience really depends on your SA. If you get someone who is pushy, I would just say, you know, that this is a big purchase, and you want to be able to make it wisely. Anybody with a heart should understand. Good luck!
  14. i'd say go see the bags IRL and sleep on it as much as u need....after all bbags are a fortune really, so u wanna be most certain about ur decision :smile: