Browsing Chanels

  1. I realize that I really want a Chanel bag but am kind of unfamiliar with the prices and lines.
    I found their official site rather uninformative, as it didn't indicate the prices of the bags and the layout is just annoying. I know that there is not another site that would sell authentic Chanels, but I'm not looking to purchase online. I just want to browse.

    Can anyone recommend a site that would have various styles and prices listed?
  2. check out the reference thread. there are many pictures and prices.
  3. Thanks. I checked it out but found it unhelpful. I still feel like I'm in the dark with this browsing situation. Can anyone suggest any sites?
  4. The reference guide is really the best site. Since Chanel does not sell online there is no site I have found with more info than this site. There are so many chanel lignes and types of purses. I know the reference thread can seem confusing, it was to me at first. If you can go to a Chanel boutique or store that carries Chanel it helps to look at purses.
  5. I agree with ronsdiva. Look at every post in the reference library. You'll start to see the different lines and sizes. Then, go to several Chanel stores to see the bags in person. It will start to make sense then. The more you learn the more you will recognize the bags.

    I only just started researching Chanel and came across a great bag on sale. The Purse Forum is how I've learned about all the brands I've bought... Botkier, Hayden Harnett, Chanel, Isabella Fiore, etc.

    You might like one from the reference library but when you see it in person it might not "fit" you. It takes time to research which if you are spending this kind of money, you should do some research!!!
  6. there's truly no where better than our very our Reference Library to browse. I'm not biased, it's just true, there's actually NOT another website w/ the sheer number of photos, prices, info as our's.
    If it's unhelpful to you, I can't think of anything else to suggest:shrugs:
  7. That's what I was thinking! How can the reference thread not be helpful??? :shrugs:
  8. I really don't want to go into the boutiques without background knowledge because I generally cannot stand SA's in general. Even if they don't treat you like a noob, they just keep staring at you because they want to make a sale. Also, the boutique is usually quiet and you're either the only one or among 5 customers there. I like looking at everything in a glance along with their prices. I can't do that in a boutique without being a total annoyance.

    I guess I'll just study what is on this site then. Not that it's insufficient. I realized I didn't thoroughly look through all of them.