sale (Canada)!

  1. Brown's shoes in Canada is now on sale... both instore and online.

    I was in store today and bought a pair of Stuart Weitzman brown leather boots for over 50% off! Looks like they are slashing prices earlier this year!
  2. i love brown's sales! i bought a pair of mbmj pumps for $99, reg $550! yah! hope they fit
  3. I'm almost sure that they will slash their prices even more on boxing day (week). I can't wait!! =)
  4. i bought 3 pairs of Louboutins and i'm waiting on a possible 4 pair to be transferred to my store. i work in a mall w/ a Browns store so i got first dibs. Woohoo!!!
  5. I am SO not looking at that site!!
  6. why not?
  7. Thanks for posting, just picked up a pair of shoes
  8. I'm going to check the price of my purchase after xmas, their refund policy is 15 days and I think they are willing to do a price adjustment if you have the shoes in original condition and bring it back into the store!
  9. Because after my trip to Holt yesterday I'm broke and I'd have a hard time resisting sale shoes :graucho: I :heart: their shoes!!!