Browns UK - Classique in Lilac for £380

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  1. Blimey I never thought I'd see a B bag on sale. Shame it's a bit veiny for my liking.
  2. WOW! They also have an emerald and rouille box for 350 pounds (appx. $660)
  3. ....???to buy or not to buy?
    I haven't a first in my colleciton now..
  4. I think it's an awesome deal... I'm personally on a semi-ban (read: impulse ban) which is the only reason I'm not going for it! If you like the color, the price is *wonderful*!
  5. Wow! I'm sure these will go quickly! Too bad for me (or good, hehe) that there are no Citys...

    Is anyone getting one? Or are we holding out for Spring colors?
  6. that looks like a good deal, but i cant get into that page by going through the home page, how did you get into the sale page?
  7. ^^ put in "Balenciaga" as the key word and you should see the bags at the reduced price.

    p.s. Where are you in Scotland? I lived in St. Andrews for a year :yes:
  8. on the home page, go to the search box on the top left corner and type in BALENCIAGA... you should get a bunch of bags and some boots.
  9. I think i'm going to wait for one of the new sping colours

  10. yeah I live in Scotland, about an hour and a halfs drive from St Andrew's. Thanks for keeping me right regarding searching! :smile:
  11. Aw, I miss the UK and gorgeous St. Ands. :crybaby:I loooooved it there!

    No problem-- that search feature is sort of hard to see!
  12. Browns have more Balenciagas (and colours) that they dont advertise on the site.. .you have to email them to find out what else they have in stock, but I think the rest of the stuff is full price.

    This is what they sent me a couple of weeks ago:

    We also have the following in stock, however pictures are not available:
    1. The Classic First Motorcycle bag £675 - colour Truffle (brown), Red, Camel
    2. The City Bag £735 - colour grey, Truffle (brown), Blue, Camel, Marron,
    3. The Twiggy bag £620 - colour grey, green
    4. The Bowling bag £675 - colour red, grey
    5. The Courier saddle bag £565 - colour Truffle (brown), Blue
    6. The Hook and Line bag £775 - colour red, blue
    7. The Patent bag £540 - colour burgundy
    8. The Work bag £810 - colour camel, green
    10. The quilted bag £990 - colour Marron, Black
    11. The Whistle bag £645 - colour Truffle (brown), Black, Dark Brown
    12. The Whistle long bag £700 - colour black, red

    I dont think I am going to get the Lilac, I've seen the colour IRL and its too pale for me.