Brown's Shoes up to 80% OFF!! (Miss60,Kors,Juicy,Uggs,StuartW,Lacoste, etc!)

  1. Girls & guys, check it out!! INSANE DEALS ON BROWN'S WEBSITE!!! Like $80 leather knee high boots. I don't know if they ship to the states, though.
  2. Thanks. too bad nothing I like.
  3. Shipping's only $5, too. That's amazingly low in Canada :smile:
  4. Very good sad though "We do not ship outside Canada"
  5. Thank you for posting it here. I was able to snatch a 398$ pair of boots for a 100$.

    Shipping is really good.

    I tried using the ONLINE07 code, but it wouldn't work. :sad:
  6. Thanks, azia!
  7. Thanks, some great deals!!
  8. Whoo, what a sale! I ended up with 6 pairs of shoes (including one for DH) for under...$300:yahoo:!!!

    azia, thanks again...
  9. The Uggs are outrageous prices, the normal price is like x2 of a department store in the US:shrugs:
  10. crazy isn't it? the prices are like that everywhere in canada for uggs...i refuse to buy them in canada, so not worth it.