Browns Fashion is now selling Bbags online!

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  1. ^Thanks so much Siri! Great news!! Thanks for sharing it! (You may want to post in the "Stores Now Carrying Bbags" thread, too!);)
  2. Thanks for the heads up Siri Anne, do you know if the prices on the website include VAT already?
    Thanks :flowers:
  3. Yes, the prices include VAT:yes:
  4. Thanks!!!
  5. I just purchased a Balenciaga black City with CGH from Browns Fashion. The bag looks great but I just wanted to check with you guys regarding the serial numbers on the leather tag. There are 3 sets of numbers (204529 1000 467891), followed by the words "made in italy". Is this correct? I thought there were supposed to be only 2 sets of numbers? The bag is from the FW 2010 collection. Please tell me the bag is authentic. I hope someone can help. Thanks!
  6. it is correct, 2010 bags have 3 sets of numbers ;)
  7. Phew! Thanks so much CHLOEGLAMOUR :flowers:
  8. Added link, thanks!
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