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  1. I believe if you are going to wear one colour head to toe, then this is the way to do it.:yes:
  2. I love wearing brown. Best color on me, IMO. This is nice. Thanks P.
  3. She looks great! Really, really pretty! Love the mike & chris leather jacket.
  4. paris looks great and i love her leather jacket it's fabulous.
  5. Ummmm, she looks great....FOR PARIS HILTON.

    For any normal person with unlimited money and access to every single shop/market/designer in the world, she looks sh*t.
  6. the combination mini leather jacket in a rock/motorbike style with a delicate satin chiffon skirt is not the best I agree.......
    But it shows that you can wear 1 color head to toe fine, with different materials that reacreate the contrast that the color doesn´t.
  7. love her necklace. anyone know what it is?
  8. Great outfit! I love head to toe brown - I just haven't done it yet. The necklace is by Van Cleef and Arpels - its from the Alhambra line w/onyx. Runs about 4k. Love it.
  9. i love brown, and greay looks good head to toe too i think :P
  10. Brown is my color!!! I used to wear only black is now brown!! LOVE IT> she looks great.
  11. thanks!!!