Brown XL Muse at HUGE savings!

  1. I don't normally post here but my Nordstrom s/a who is the manager of Chanel and YSL accessories (in Seattle) called to inform me that she has a XL brown Muse on sale for something like 70% off. I think she said the price is $650 or thereabouts. Here's a pic, and I hope someone from tPF can grab it before it is sold! Please contact Denise Junell at 203-628-1397.

  2. Is the area code 203 or 206?
  3. 206 ... wow that's a steal
  4. Wow good deal, its beautiful too!
  5. 206 - sorry about that!
  6. It looks like this deal is gone. I called and some luck gal snatched this great buy!
  7. Congrats to whoever snatched it! :nuts:
  8. darn it I miss all the great YSL muse deals I am beginning to think its just not meant to be
  9. I just returned that same Muse back to the Seattle store because, when I got it, the color on the bottom corners had rubbed off already and the stitching was coming undone.
  10. Hi, I think I am the one who got it. I hope it isnt the same bag, but it sounds like it will be. I asked if everything was alright any scratches and she said no it was in great condition.
    I should get it next week I will let you know. Where was the stitching coming undone so I can make sure and look?
  11. The stitching seemed to come loose on both sides. Also doublecheck the bottom corners. The one I received had the color rubbed off already. I brought it up to them when I received it and they offered to "refurbish" it for me at no charge but I just ended up returning it for a downtown. They said they would even tighten up the stitching.
  12. What size was the one you sent back? I had her measure the bag I am getting and it was L-16 1/2" X 13". Is that considered the XL. I am confused on the sizes. What size is the one I am getting. Thanks for your help.
  13. It's the oversize aka XL that I sent back and the measurements she gave sound about right
  14. Yep! It was the same one. But it was only $554.00. I took it back, I would of kept it for that price as it was but I want the medium bag. I posted a new thread about it. Hope someone hurrys and gets it form TPF.
  15. Shockey, now I think I might have the bag you returned. I am definitely going to take it back. There are marks on the front of it and it's in pretty bad condition after the way Nordstrom shipped it to me. Do you think they will let me exchange it for another brown muse? If not, I'll just return it. Thanks so much for your help. I am really hoping I'll finally be able to get a large muse that I like!