Brown with brown sig stripe swing?

  1. Ok at macy's today I purchased a signature stripe swing pack (10129)
    BUT ...
    It's a color combination I have NEVER seen before.

    It's dark brown with dark brown sig pattern with parchment stripe.

    I will post a picture later.. heading out to dinner now. I did a quick search on eBay, and macys and it's not there.
    Has anyone see this swingpack ??
    On another note, they had a punch swingpack .. it's Macys in Swansea, Massachusetts if anyone wants to call and order it.
    No coach shoes though :sad:
  2. that sounds interesting, can't wait to see pics. it sounds cute!
  3. I decided to do the pictures now because if I'm going out I may not be in any shape to take pictures later :yahoo:

    Here it is:
    brown_swing1.jpg brown_swing2.jpg
  4. I have never seen this one.
    I love the dark brown patent leather trim.
    What a great find congrats!
  5. The display model had stains on it.. they searched in the back and found another one.. i HAD to buy it.
  6. I never saw that combo before but I am really liking it alot!:yes:
  7. Wow! Nice!
    Maybe it's a Macy's exclusive Coach?
    I have never seen it!
  8. so we went & had chinese food... big ass scorpion bowl .. extra {{i'm drunk}}
    anyway they didnt' have this bag on so no idea if a macy exclusive.. didnt see in other macy's either..
  9. I'm liking the bag. It's a very cool combination. Enjoy your :tispy: :drinkup: !!!!
  10. Oooooh I like it!
  11. This is SO pretty!! I saw the same one at Dillard's tonight and if they had a discount like Macy's I would have gotten it. LOL But no discount, so no swing pack for me. LOL

    Dillard's also had this same color combo in the signature stripe tote. It was very cute! :yes:
  12. Very pretty & Macy's had one of these, too.

  13. I saw the Tote and Swingpack also with the same color combination at Dillards. Sometimes the department stores will have certain colors that are exculsive to them and they may not ever carry it at the boutiques. By the way when I left Dilliards I went to the Coach store in the same mall and they were not aware of this color combination.
  14. Oooh, so pretty! I love the contrast of the colors, they really stand out against one another. What a great find!
  15. you are the swing pack queen!!! :queen: