Brown VL, anyone??

  1. Hi all
    I was going to place an order for a 32 cm brown VL kelly with gold hardware since I am so IN LOVE with my black one but I know that VL takes color differently than other leathers. Does anyone have any H items in VL in a shade of brown (chocolate ebene or other) that they will be willing to post pictures of?
  2. Here's my Ebene Birkin in VL.
    Ebene 1.jpg Ebene 2.jpg Ebene 3.jpg
  3. Thanks so much for your help evekitti. Your bag is beautiful. I am wondering what the difference between ebene and chocolate is? My SA mentioned chocolate but I have never seen the two colors together. Any ideas anyone? Is chocolate darker or lighter?
  4. Sorry, I've never seen chocolate before. I suspect Ebene could be darker. In certain lighting, it looks almost black.
  5. I think you are absolutely right! I just looked at the color thread and I saw the chocolate (in every leather except VL!) but it is lighter. It has more orange tones I think whereas the ebene has black tones.
    I think I will go with the ebene. Its beautiful! Evekitti, do you find that VL is a good leather for your birkin? I imagine that it is given that it is so lightweight!
  6. Thanks maggiemoo! You're right, Ebene is more ash-brown. Depending on the lighting, the colour changes. My Birkin is a 35 and VL is pretty lightweight. But what I really like about VL is that it's pretty tough. I travel with it frequently, stuff it under my seat in the plane, pass it through the X-ray machines unprotected, even got caught in the rain with it, and so far so good! I'm sure you know all this already since you have a VL too. Among all the textured leather, it's my favourite.
  7. I WISH my birkin was VL. I have a 35 cm togo and its such a bear to carry. Very durable but sooooo heavy! I adore my VL black kelly and use her so much more than the birkin now that I have her. Its a shame that I was not "educated" when I bought the birkin. I found the forum after I already had the birkin! I don't think I would ever have bought a togo in 35 knowing what I know now! I love the VL so much-that is why I want another bag in VL. With my lifestyle, I think a kelly is better. A birkin for me is for the weekend, not during the week when I am dressed up for work. That's why I opted for the kelly in brown but if I ever get another birkin, it will also be in VL and I think it will be a 30!
    After seeing your bag in ebene, I am definitely ordering that color. Its beautiful-so rich!! so chic!!
  8. BTW, I love your little kitty! I was just thinking what precious faces our little ones have! Maggie would love a little kitty friend!!
  9. evekitti and I are twins (minus the hardware - love your gold hw, evekitti! :tup: )

    Don't know if this will help much; ebene VL 35, phw


    1.7.jpg 1.8.JPG 1.5a.jpg ebene today.JPG
  10. OHHHH Katel, now I am confused!! I love your bag as well and the pal. hardware is beautiful!! Choices, choices! I am not sure if I should get the gold or pal!!
  11. BTW, the outdoor shots in the sunlight really help to see the color! thanks again
  12. Thanks maggiemoo, I hope you'll find yourself an Ebene! I wasn't a fan of brown till I got my Ebene! Now anything in brown catches my eye! There's another brown called Marron Foncé I think. have you seen that one?

    I'm not a big fan of Togo myself. I find the grain a bit too large. And weight is another issue. VL may be lightweight compared to the other leathers but I find my bag heavy overall because I tend to stuff lots of things inside. The bigger my bag, the more nonsense I tend to carry around! Nowadays, I carry my Kelly a lot more than my Birkins.
  13. Maggie is such a sweetie too. I love dogs as much as cats. But I lost my Yoyo a few months ago and I would give up all my bags if only I could have him back.
  14. I :heart::heart::heart: your bag too Katel! It looks really chic on you!


  15. I think both are equally beautiful. Will you get to special order your bag? I recently discovered there are brushed palladium and brushed gold hw. They're really really gorgeous!