Brown Vintage Ligne Tote

  1. ugh, i've been terrible. i swear this will be my last purchase for awhile... okay , maybe last chanel purchase. :yes:

    i was choosing between the jumbo caviar flap in navy and a tote from the vintage ligne. i decided on the latter b/c i love that it's a light bag but the design of the bag is so textured and strong.

    i chose the lighter brown (looks like a rust or sienna) over the burgundy-dark brown (for you ladies looking for burgundy, this color could help, although it's more brown than red).

    the whole vintage ligne was beautiful, hard to choose which style. but i decided on the smaller tote ($1995) over the large tote which looks too much east-west for me. the boutique also had the box (3 compartment one) and the small rectangular one (not sure name of style), but it looks big enough for essentials, not for additional stuff, like makeup bag, books, etc.

    i will try to take a photo today and post.

    but i have to say, i really really like this bag, especially the color since i don't have anything like it.
  2. Can't wait to see! Congrats!
  3. Ohh!! I can't wait to see! Congrats!!

    Edit: how funny Aprild and I said the same thing at the same time LOL
  4. Okay, here's a photo. It's throwing up chanel... you can see my beige caviar medallion tote with gold zip in the background, my coral chanel change purse/card holder... and if you look inside, there's a pair of purple-lensed rimless chanel sunnies. do i have to tell you ladies how much i adore the double cc's? enjoy
    Vintage Ligne Brown small.jpg
  5. I like the tote style in that color better than the style with the three comparments that Wintotty posted earlier. Congrats babyhart - it's a very pretty color - reminds me of my Whiskey Paddington.
  6. Congrats! Would love to see how you "style" the bag!
  7. Congrats on your bag! I love the Vintage Ligne totes.
  8. thanks ladies... the color is beautiful, probably is the coloring of the whiskey paddington. it was funny because my SA was trying to recruit other SAs in the stores to find out which brown went better with my skin coloring. she and as she classified it, the gay male SA liked the deep brown (cool brown), but the chanel makeup artist SA chose the sienna brown (warm brown). i loved both, but chose the second since i have a balenciaga chocolate brown hobo bag which would be too close in coloring to the deep brown.
  9. I like that color in the tote... its growing on me. Congrats on your bag!!
  10. congrats on your new tote, babyhart!
    the vintage ligne is one of my favorites.:heart:
  11. Very nice!
    I really like this color personally, it's a really beautiful warm brown!
    Very unexpected and looks great on this bag!
  12. It's a gorgeous bag! Enjoy!!