Brown Thomas Chanel stock

  1. Hi Everyone! I'm likely going to Dublin, Ireland on vacation soon and noticed that the only place they sell Chanel is at Brown Thomas! Anyone know what the selection is like there?

  2. Hi! I have never been to brown thomas, however whenever I have been to Chanel the botiques or Selfridges or Harrods) in London, whenever some thing is out of stock and they do a check for me it is always at Brown Thomas!My SA told me they have a very large collection of classic flaps and cambon's. I am sorry I could not be more specific for u, I hope this helps x
  3. no that's encouraging - thanks! :smile:
  4. I was just in there last week and had a good look around the place. They very recently had a vinyl cabas in there. The stock tends to be very good.

    Right across from the Chanel concession is the Hermes one, which is next to Louis Vuitton, which is next to Gucci, which is next to Prada, which is next to Dior, which is next to Fendi, which is next to Dolce, which is next to Chloe. Isn't it sad I know that?
  5. Hapa, it's so great you know your way around. Should the lights go out, you'll have no problem knowing where you are :smile:
  6. Hapa you just made my day as I recently booked my flight to Dublin --- I can't wait!!!! Thanks so much!
  7. No problem! Have fun. Brown Thomas is an institution for department store shopping in Ireland. The Chanel concession is very new. Maybe less than two years? Enjoy the shoppng despite the horrible dollar to euro exchange rate!