brown suede Pelham

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  1. [​IMG]

    i saw this in the boutique last weekend and i can't seem to get it out of my head. but im a bit iffy about the style - its basically a shoulderbag. i know this bag is currently featured in their men's ads, but is it really a man's bag? thoughts?
  2. I can't picture my husband carrying it :nuts:

    I think it's an awesome bag...
  3. I also can't pictre by husband wearing it... its beautiful though
  4. my hubbie will definitely NOT wear it..
    or any other bag actually hahaahha.
  5. my bf wouldnt go near that...unless he was buying it for me...i heart it!!!
  6. It's only a men's bag when it's being photographed for an ad. There's no way 99.9% of men would use that bag. I think the hardware and shape look more feminine. I think this one is more masculine.
  7. ok so i guess the Pelham is out of my list :push:

    MaxCat> i see what you mean and its a nice bag, but i think the curved shape is even more pursey for me. thannks anyway ;)
  8. A man wouldn't be a man if he was carrying that gorgeous piece of cow... :p
  9. super cute!