Brown Suede Exotic Embossed Sophia

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  1. I just returned from the Coach store and since I haven't seen anything about this bag I thought I would mention it. I saw the large sophia exotic embossed suede and she is really eye catching, for those of you looking for a brown bag. She is a chocolate brown suede, and it is embossed to look like croc. She has brown leather trim and gold hardware (if it's not gold, it's very bright brass).
    She only comes in large and in dark brown. I wasn't able to get pix and I can't remember price or number- I was overwhelmed by all the bags, and I was in a hurry. She was a beautiful surprise- I hadn't heard anything about the bag and when my SA brought her out she really caught my eye. The suede almost looks like velvet, it's so rich looking.
    Just an FYI...
  2. wow - this Sophia sounds like she'll be a stunner, too! Can hardly wait to see her!

    Thanks for the 411, OP!
  3. It was gorgeous! I'm scared to death of suede, but it was really pretty!!!
  4. Hmmm. I forgot about this bag. There was a picture of it in the nitrolicious fall preview...
  5. I saw this bag today too but I was not impressed with it.

    I thought the suede looked and felt like a fabric not real suede. Plus it was really soft and I think it would be too soft and not hold it's shape.
  6. I saw it the other day and really liked it. The color is beautiful.
  7. Oooo this sounds really pretty!! I'd love to see it IRL!
  8. Some pictures:

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  9. And the other:

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  10. The Sadie also comes in a lovely gray and a mauve-ish pink color, although that one has patent. I like the gray one best of the three, but unfortunately, if you're using the longer shoulder strap, then the bag has a tendency to roll awkwardly. The strap connects in the middle of the bag, rather than closer to the top, making the weight distribution of the bag sub par. Pretty though!
  11. I ordered the shoulder bag as one of my PCE purchases today. Can't wait to get it.
  12. Hope you do a reveal! Would love to see pics and modeling pics of her!! So exciting!! :yahoo:


  13. May I ask how much that shoulder bag is? I really like it in the brown suede!