Brown Suede Bbag, ebay BIN $999 -oh god, someone buy this!!!!!

  1. It does look like a beautiful color, what season is this from?
  2. O:huh:oo... very tempting!! Anyone? :graucho:
  3. one of the early ones.. like '01 or '02..

    how cool if a PFer bought it.. keep it in the family! then if they ever go to pass it on, it can stay in the family!

    do it do it do it!
  4. I love it! It looks like chocolate mousse... I'm hungry.
  5. great bag, but i thought that those type of lampo zippers were fake? and i've never seen that type of distressed suede in a balenciaga. please educate me, i'm not sure...
  6. ^ no, those type of lampo zippers are authentic, and were used in late '02 and '03. The bag I think is from fall '02 :smile: I have a suede motorcycle messenger in the same color and style as this, and it is divine!!!!!
  7. ^^ oh, ok thanks!