Brown Studded signature gallery tote or Black studded signature gallery tote?

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  1. So I am debating one which color to get because i love both. But I can't make up my mind. I'm 17 years old and i've just saved up my own money for this bag. Which bag looks more younger on me?

    its in this style, but i want to know which color brown and black is good on a 17 year old? i don't like gold/creamy bcuz it'll stain quicker and not that pretty to me.

    thanks yall! :jammin:
  2. Hey there congrats on saving your own money to buy yourself a bag.
    My vote is for the brown, to me it looks younger and is nicer looking all around.
  3. The brown is beautiful IRL. The signature C's have a purplish sparkle to them. The matching wristlet has neat patent accents. :smile:
  4. Brown looks really adorable and youthful looking, not as serious as black. I agree about the cream tote...very pretty but not practical!
  5. My 17 year old has a brown carly and it seems to go with her teenage wardrobe. I vote brown. Good job saving for it too.
  6. I just bought the brown one two weeks ago. It's so beautiful and can go with anything really since it's a dark chocolate brown. Black is too plain.
  7. Congrats on saving all that! I'm a huge fan of brown as well.
  8. I vote brown too ! I agree with all of the reasons stated above and it is sparkly IRL !
  9. I prefer the brown also, it is a really pretty brown color. I'm not sure how other stores are doing on black but my store has sold out of black and won't get anymore in.
  10. I also vote for the brown. I think it will be perfect for you and you will be able to do a lot with it...dress it up or wear it casually.
  11. I love the bronzey thread in the brown tote...I was looking at that one or the gold. they are both beautiful!!!! But since you aren't interested in the gold because it will soil, brown will be a fun one for you i think.
  12. i vote brown, but i'm completely nutzo for brown bags.
    well, i now see they're only available in black on the website.
    what did you go with?
  13. I love the brown!
  14. I never associated black or brown with age. I prefer black, myself. But maybe it's 'cause I'm what some would call "old."
  15. Brown, Brown, Brown!!