Brown studded leather bag

  1. I've been on a search for a brown leather studded bag and the one that I've had my eye on (Isabella Fiore Whipflash Jane Hobo, smaller version of the Audra) is sold out everywhere. :sad: So now I'm on the hunt for another one and I was wondering if you ladies have any recs for this type of bag. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.
  2. I love mine.. I've got the bronze one. It's my everyday bag. Since is not as expensive as my other bags, I don't mind carrying it everywhere. So far it's very durable!!! I've bumped the bag to a lot of things, but no scratch yet... I've just seen a black one in Saks Atlanta last weekend. You might want to call them if you want it in black.
  3. These MICHAEL by Michael Kors bags are nice:

  4. Adasa has the Audra available, just in vintage gold. Maybe that's an option?
  5. what about a bulga bag? here's the medium studded hobo, but it also comes in a larger size. the pic doesn't really do it justice, looks better with the drawstring pulled tighter

  6. Bulga bag reminds me of shorts, did they forget to add the legs?:amuse:

    Love that Michael Kors bag now that I see it again I think I really need to get that satchel. Running tomorrow. When will I learn if I see it I don't have to have it?

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  7. That's cute! :love:
  8. indeed, they have a black on at Saks in atlanta.
  9. They have the brown audra in .. If you want to wait till early jan :smile:
  10. I think Kooba has some brown studded bags.
  11. Oh! And try BE & D (Neiman's and Bergdorf's). I think there may be too many studs, but worth a try looking.
  12. The latest Dolce & Gabbana collection has some gorgeous ones. has the new collection.