Brown Stella?

  1. I love the MJ Stella bag. It's my favorite and I currently own 3. I would LOVE to have a Stella in a neutral brown shade that I could really wear a lot. I tend to wear a lot of browns and colors that coordinate with brown. Was the Stella made in brown? I never see them on e-bay (or, if I do, they look fake) and I don't seem to see them in photos on this site. Am I searching for something that does not exist?

  2. Well, I've posted a few pics of actress Cheryl Hines with some sort of brown Stella. I have no idea what the actual color is. I think it's probably darker than what you want though. Here's two of them:


  3. Not 100% sure, but I think that's cognac. I have a Venetia in that color, which has mustard lining and topstitching. The color and the stitching in the pic look the same. I believe it was from 2004.
  4. Actually, the Stella Cheryl Hines is wearing is EXACTLY what I am looking for. I LOVE that color. If it is Cognac, that will, at least, give me something to go on. I like the other color, too. It does look more rust, but that would be nice, too. I love the first one, though. Why can't they just make this bag? I'd buy it over and over again.
  5. *bump for eyecandy*
  6. I own the Bark version and it really is a beautiful shade of Brown. Not rusty, it's really an earthy fall Brown.
  7. Oh wow, my eyes jumped out a little when I saw this thread, I thought rorosity came back to us!
  8. ^I know! I got excited too. I thought she was back. I remember she went on that bag shopping spree, shared some eye candy with us, and I don't think she's posted ever since...
  9. ^^Oh man, you're right. Rorosity hasn't posted in quite a while. I miss her!:sad:
  10. Boo Hoo - I thought Roro was back too!:crybaby:
  11. sorry girls....i bumped this for the pics...sorry to make you all sad....
  12. Ummmmm --- after seeing Junie's new venetia and Cheryl Hine's Stella again, I'm kinda craving a Stella or Blake in Cognac ........
  13. That's okay - I'm sure Roro's out there shopping up a storm with all her bags .......:smile:
  14. you should get one abby :graucho: