Brown Stam & Topaz Little Stam are here

  1. Just got a call from SA Stella. MJ store in LA just received a shipment of Stam (Saddle Brown) and Little Stam (Topaz). If interested, call 323-653-5100.
  2. too bad she doesn't have email, I wish she could send us photos!
  3. thanks for the alert! Do you know if the Saddle Brown is close to this fall's chestnut?
  4. I asked her to take pictures & send them to me by tomorrow.
    I hope they aren't too big so I can post them here.
  5. I didn't ask her b/c I have enough of the super neutral tan/brown/grey shades MJ did for quilted bags especially Stam. LOL. In Fall 06 alone, we have whiskey, chestnut, mouse, cashew (i like this color) for Stam. AHHHHHHH!!! We need some colors, I can't wait to see Spring 06 colors for Stam. I wish there's purple again.

    I saw Topaz & Black Little Stams at Saks today. Topaz is teal (green with some blue undertone), I'm so glad to see some 'color' in Stam again; I don't like green so Topaz Elise is off my list. The leather is structured calf like Fall 06's. Saks still have 2 quilted bags (Hobo Banana & Amanda) from 05, their leather's definitely softer than 06's.

    What color are you thinking of? =)
  6. LOL, I echo your AHHH!!!! I'm so tired of neutrals!!! I've been dying to see the stam in bright colours - hopefully the green and blue will deliver! Gonna put myself down for those!!!
  7. I believe that color is another reason (in addition to leather & lining not being as great) as to why Fall 06 Stams aren't flying off the shelves as those from Spring 06 and before. There were so many variety in Fall 05: Black, Ivory or Pearl, Violet, Bordeaux, Taupe, Petrol. Sold out everywhere, people had to go on waiting lists for them.

    Hopefully, the new colors are worth waiting for.
  8. Thanks for the info, bag.lover!! I'm waiting for some brighter colors, too.
  9. ^ thinking of another stam already abaglover?? =)
  10. See how nice Fall 05 colors were. =)
  11. How did you manage to find that?? I thought it was taken off the website, but that Violet is TDF! I wish I could see one IRL... LOL, the "mythical Violet and Petrol Stams."
  12. Stella said they aren't the same.
    Saddle Brown is described as orangy-brown, very rusty looking.

  13. *swoons* over that violet. :heart::nuts:
  14. Ah ha ha, thithi ... I just really love the stam :shame: ! I love the kisslock and how I can fit everything in it and that it can be dressed up or down. Oh, if only I can find the violet one bag.lover posted up above ... gosh, that one is beautiful. It's really hard to stop at one, you know? If only I had a money tree in my yard ... I'd be like one of those ladies in the Balenciaga forum and own a stam in every color of the rainbow :girlsigh:.
  15. Abaglover, your Blush Stam is TDF too. Violet & Blush Stams are my favorites. =)