Brown Patent?

  1. Is it worth spending hundreds on CL brown patent pumps? How versatile are they? I'm talking about dark chocolate brown. Anyone who owns brown patent, how much wear do you get out of them, what do you wear them with? TIA
  2. for reference, I mean a style like this
  3. I bought the Tortoise Decolletes recently and I see myself wearing them when I wear clothes with brown hues.

    It depends on your style. If you stick to black, then it would be a waste for you, but if you don't, then I say why not? :smile:

    Sorry I'm only on a few hours of sleep so I'll poke back in later and try a bit harder at a more intelligent response. lol
  4. I got a pair of those, too, because they were a little more unique than a one color patent decollete.

    I'm wearing mine with all colors,
  5. I agree. If I was going to do a brown patent I'd prefer the tortoise color also which is more unique looking but still in the brown color pallette.
  6. Although I love patent anything (I like shiny stuff) I agree about the tortoise color.
  7. I have the decollettes in a brown patent and I preferred the way they looked as compared to a black patent. The dark chacolate brown looks very rich and it looks black except it has more depth. I would wear it and the tortoise shell with neutrals, or something that wouldn't compete with it.
  8. Yup. Tortoise all the way. I believe these are two pumps in one. You can wear them when an outfit calls for a brown shoe... and also when an outfit calls for a black shoe. More bang for your buck. :supacool:
  9. I totally agree with the above posters that you should go with a patent tortoise shell brown. It will be a classic pair of shoes that you can wear for many seasons. Plus, they'll have more style than a pair of plain brown patents.

    I saw your other pair in the Louboutin thread and they are so sexy. You need a brown pair to complement the black in your new collection. That way you'll be able to wear CLs with any outfit!
  10. Aww thank you! I wish my husband shared your point of view that i need a brown pair too :roflmfao:.
  11. When it comes to the decollettes I guess I am alone in the brown patent love.
  12. I need me some DECOLLETTEs!