Brown Paddy finally came out to play....

  1. I finally took little browny out yesterday with DH. He really liked it and was actually playing with the lock - locking and unlocking it with the straps like a little boy! He finally asked me, "is this new?" and I respond, "oh yeah, I've had it for a while but this is her maiden voyage." Of course, still no mention of the cost.:shame:
    Well this morning, we are drinking coffee in bed, I'm watching CNN, DH is reading Details magazine and points at a really nice shirt and says to me, "can you believe this shirt is $1000?!" I say, "OMG!" the whole while little brown paddy is staring down at us from my dresser probably saying to herself, "that is absurd!"
    yes, my bags talk to me.
    just thought I'd share my morning with you.
  2. LOL! Glad to hear I'm not the only one that has to break some news to DH gently. Some things he's can't take easily unless I put it in the right perspective for him. Great Story!!!
  3. no kidding! I have a Mousse that I bought BEFORE the brown one thats still incognito.
  4. :lol: lol!!!!!!! That is me totally.!!! And when it finally comes out of hibernation, my answer is "this old thing"!!! But he always knows. Just have to wait long enough for the bill cycles to pass so the price won't be so easy to find.:lol:
  5. Yes, definitely have to break it to DH gently! Mine has an idea of the prices but not exactly sure... I left my Edith out yesterday on the coffee table and DH said "Should you really be leaving $1500 bags out where the dogs can reach them?" And I responded indignantly "That is NOT a $1500 bag!" :shame: :lol: So he was off around $200 inc shipping - think he was testing me?! :roflmfao:
  6. :lol: Yeah, They do that to see if you will agree that it's actually that price but "great" answer!!! Always be "vague". Never give exact price, they WON'T understand. lol!!
  7. clever. I like that.
  8. Once he knows the cost he'll probably be totally hands off! Scared to touch greatness!!