Brown or white gaucho tote?????

Okay I know I have been on the thread for awhile now debating between colors for the gaucho tote and I was pretty set on the red tote but now I am having mixed feelings between the red and white???? I would like to thank everyone for your opinions on the colors but now I must decide because I will be purchaing it tommorrow!!!! Although I do have a white handbag Daisy's is so nice on her.... I do love red too cause I can wear it the fall and spring.... :huh: Red or white????
White! I'm so in love with mine and I have the medium red (which I'm returning) and it just doesn't go with anything in my wardrobe. I'm finding that I can carry the white with everything I own so far! *waves to Sweetea*

You say you're buying tomorrow... are you sure it's available? Keep us posted!