Brown or white gaucho tote?????

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  1. Hi girls I was just wondering what color you guys like in the dior gaucho tote.............brown or white?????They both are nice. There is a pic in the US mag with Elizabeth Hurley carrying the brown and its a distressed kind of brown, its starting to grow on me and I'm scared the white will get dirty. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!!:biggrin:
  2. The white already IS dirty so you don't have to worry about that! The white is not at all how it looks in pics... it's more of a grey/blah white. I have it and love it but it's not what people would expect by seeing the ads in the mags. I haven't seen the brown in person so I can't really comment on that.
  3. I like the brown. I have the brown single shoulder bag and I think the color is very, very nice. Some gals on here don't like the brown, but we all definitely don't share the same taste in bags. ;) For me, white is not an option with a 10 month old and 3 year old.....even if the white already looks dirty. :lol: After my kids get a hold of it, it would be multi-colored. I'm trying to get a hold of the brown tote as I write this because I want to compare the styles.
  4. The white is a dove grey white. Its absolutely beautiful. It definately won't get as dirty as a pure white bag. The brown is blah... I don't understand why anyone would want another brown bag. There will be alot more brown and black bags out in a few months after the spring summer line. Try to get out and look at the white in person.
  5. I like the brown better than the white. I also like the red. In fact I ordered the red one. It should be arriving sometime this week. Yippee!!!
  6. hmmm, i like the white but then i saw a red one (thats to everyone who posted up pics) it would be either or... i can't decide..... i think white... yeah white.....

    0o0o0o kat cant wait to see you new bag!!! I'll be keeping an eye out for it in the showcase!
  7. I think it looks really cute in white. I saw the same blurb in US Weekly about it, and I feel kind of indifferent to the brown.
  8. white! i have it and love it. i have seen the brown, and it just doesn't do anything for me. looks dirty.
  9. Thanks you guys for all the feedbak!!!!! I wish I can go see them in person but they are all sold out here:sad2:.... so I wont be able to look at any colors until they have in stock.

    Daisy......Your tote looks awesome and I'm sure it looks better in person!!!
  10. I'm having a similar dilemma, between the red and the white.... help!
  11. Thanks, ILTS! I love it more each day. :love:

    I'm curious if anyone has been able to find a tote in the stores. I wonder if they actually sold out on eluxury so quickly (there were on there very briefly) or did they remove them for some reason?
  12. white.
  13. I like all three colors and wouldn't be unhappy with any of them. I think the brown one looks most like a gaucho's saddle bag and that's pretty cool. With me it's more about the style on this purse. I'm thinking of removing the key and coin though- just a little too busy/name-brandy for my taste. I feel like they will eventually wear away the color on the darker purse (mine is red) because of the constant rubbing on the flap.
  14. Luckily on the tote, the key & coin don't jangle like the do on the other bags. If I were going to keep the medium or large, I would totally remove those... it's ridiculously annoying!
  15. I like the white a lot more than the brown :biggrin: