Brown or Turquoise Ergo??


Which ergo?

  1. Brown

  2. Turquoise

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  1. I am definitely going to get a small ergo, but I keep going back and forth between the brown and the turquoise.



    I have come to the realization that I have too many blue LV bags (see here :biggrin:). I currently only have one blue Coach bag (a light blue one) but also have one tobacco satchel close to the ergo brown. I am also hoping to get the vintage satchel in cognac if I can find it, so I don't know if I want two new brown bags, but also don't know if I need another blue one!! :shrugs: I originally wanted the turquoise, but I love the brown too ... sigh.

    Which one do you like better? Thanks to upswife for the pics!
  2. Turquoise, you can buy brown any ole time, but how often can you buy a pretty turquoise!!
  3. I vote turquoise.. it's such a beautiful color and really makes that bag look stunning, IMO. The brown one looks more like a regular, no big deal sort of bag (again, in my opinion.) Also, the coach turquoise is a totally different color than your LV there ya go, you have to get it.:smile:
  4. turquoise!
  5. turquoise, cause that's what I'm getting! :yahoo:
  6. another vote for turquoise! It is gorgeous for year round!
  7. For me it would be turquoise only because I have a Mahogany Soho Hobo.
  8. I think turquoise especially if you already have a tobacco satchel and PLAN on getting the cognac vintage carryall. The turqoise is so unique AND different than your blue LV bags (since most are patent except for one!):idea:

    However, if you got the brown, it would be a good "staple" bag.
  9. i really like the turquoise...its pretty..its stands out more!!
  10. I like the turquoise.
  11. I like the turquoise as well. It's different from the same ole' boring brown.
  12. :wlae: turquoise:wlae: Beautiful colour! And Coachnut is right you can buy brown anytime!
  13. Turquoise definitely - color is always better in my opinion and this is a beautiful shade.
  14. Turquoise, it`s cute and has a refreshing look to it. Takes me breath away, lol awww:drool:
  15. Another vote for turquoise! It's so pretty! and doesn't look like the blues on any of your LV bags.