Brown or brown?

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  2. The sig is really nice, but I had the leather on my arm at the outlet last weekend and it was TDF :love:

    If I had the extra $$ she would have been mine :crybaby:

    Oh and the one I was holding had the legacy lining - I think you had posted about loving that lining. HTH :tup:
  3. In this particular color I like the sig better. I don't like dark leather unless it is black so I would say sig. Plus for a tote it would be lighter and you could carry it in inclement weather
  4. brown #1 I love dark brown sig!
  5. I actually like the leather better, but all the bags I own are leather so it's not surprising. Guess I'm just a leather girl.
  6. I have seen the sig IRL and it looks stiff to me so I say either, sorry not much help.
  7. what will happen to the leather in bad weather ?
  8. if you can treat it according to the care instructions, absolutely nothing...if it gets snow or salt or anything on, wipe it off and keep on going. leather is so much easier to take care of to me than signature.
  9. ^^ thank you ..
  10. I know I am confused about leather too. I was under the assumption that no leather was waterproof except for the "all weather leather" which would be pebbled leather. Some of the ergo stuff is vachetta which I am sure you shouldn't use in the rain. I don't know what type of leather this is but I am always confused about this. Maybe somebody can shed some light !
  11. I was afraid to use my camel vachetta Ergo tote in the recent rain, but a few kind tPF'ers told me that even if it did get water on it, it dries out beautifully with no spots. I'm still not using it because it's been so gross here and I don't want an open-topped bag to get my stuff all wet, but the reassurance was good to know. :smile:

    FWIW, I LOVE the chocolate leather tote. If I'd seen an Ergo in that color at my outlet, you can bet I'd have snapped the sucker up.
  12. OK, here is my issue....
    I have a nice brown leather Roots bag, it cost me over 200$

    so do I need another brown ? or do I try and sell this or think its well its a different style.

    I'm half now thinking black leather, because I have a black signature gallery tote, but... see so many butts :smile:
  13. All leather brown :drool::love: Sig is okay but the all leather bags get me quivery :lol:
  14. :wtf::roflmfao:
  15. Yes you do.. because it's not brown coach :greengrin: