Brown or Blue Gaucho?

  1. I can't seem to make up my mind!! I bought the brown gaucho last week and can still return it in a few days... I got the single one. But I've been thinking about the blue. Blue is my all-time fave color but recently I've been into brown bags for some reason, and I really like this brown also because it has that vintage/ old/ horses and well *saddle,lol!* color... Plus I think the lighter-brown "outline" on the flap goes nicer with the brown, but I keep going back and forth that I think I'm driving myself nuts! So... thoughts? :smile: Plus -- how long do you think this style can last? Is it just too trendy right now that people will get sick of it real fast or will it stick around longer like the saddle? Thanks!!
  2. I like the brown better than the blue. I think it fits the bag more.
  3. I know that I'm biased but I really love:love: :nuts: :nuts: :love: my olive brown gaucho! I do think it is the perfect color because it matches that vintage worn-in design of the gaucho. Also I really love the single because it's so easy to get in and out of. I love not having to open the flap to get my phone ... I just lift the flap a little and there it is ... my phone in its own little pocket!

    I've been using my gaucho everyday since I received it ... the leather is so yummy especially now that it's been broken in. I like the blue but I still think the olive brown better suits the design.
  4. I agree^^^^ BROWN is more classic for this bag:love:
  5. I know! I can't pick... My mom *swears* by the brown, but I look at the blue picture every once in a while and my DH is like "I look at it. I think saddle. I think brown. There isn't a blue saddle" LOL!
  6. i love blue... so I would choose a blue but looks like the brown is very pretty too..
  7. I have the brown and the white. I definitely love the suits the style of the bag!
  8. You have 2??? Envy! I think I am leaning towards keeping the brown... it suits the style of the bag very much and will hold up over time...!
  9. Gosh, I am so torn by the Gaucho. I want to get one (probably the denim one) cus' it's good looking. Yet I am concern that it will go out of style soon. (Like the Dior saddle or gambler bags of the bygoneera.) Oh, am I thinking too much??
  10. No matter what color you choose, this bag is fabulous. Go with your heart.
  11. I would go for the brown. I have the black and I think that encourages the vintage look. I just love it!
  12. I prefer the brown.
  13. Can we see a pic of you with the brown?? I think brown is very nice and will go with everything. I like bags that do that (hence the brown & black bags in my closet!!).
  14. Brown Gaucho. Go with your heart. =)
  15. Yes, I'm sick!! I really wanted the white, but couldn't get a hold of it in the beginning. I fell in love with the brown, but had to have the white. My husband got so sick of me running him all over the place looking at the white and whining.....he let me get it for Mother's Day. :P