Brown or Black Grand Shopping Tote?

  1. Hi everyone, I purchased the black caviar grand shopping tote with gold hardware and now I'm having buyers remorse after seeing that it comes in brown. I can still exchange it but I would be doing this through the mail and can't see it in person since I do not live near a Chanel. The brown one has silver hardware and I would prefer the gold but the brown leather is different and unique looking. Does anyone have opinions on which color is better? Thanks -can't make decisions!!:shrugs:
  2. I recently bought the black/gold myself. I remember seeing some previous posts on the brown saying that since it's not caviar leather, it's much more prone to scratches.
  3. Thanks, the SA said the brown is goatskin which I'm not familiar with. I love the black and it's a classic you can't go wrong with but I tend to wear a lot of browns but black looks great with brown too - decisions, decisions!
  4. the brown is GORGEOUS, but WILL scratch as it's a distressed/antiqued finish.
  5. I am not sure whether there was a brown in caviar. I remember there having a black, beige and white. The brown is prolly in a distressed leather, because it doesn't have the four points/stoppers at the bottom it would scratch easily.

    I carry my caviar GST DAILY and it is holding it well.
  6. I hate saying this, but I think Saks carries it in brown caviar w/ gold hardware...I've seen the "sex and the city" bag in brown, so they must have the Large tote...
  7. loveone, the brown is new for F/W, it's truly beautiful, just won't stay perfect and consistent like the regular caviar ones.
    I preoredred it and then chose not to buy when I went and saw it.
  8. The brown comes with the silver hardware and is a totally different look--much more casual IMO. The leather is not caviar and it is distressed in a way in which the brown color is rubbed off in certain areas. That is what I don't particularly like about it.

    I would love a GST in brown (non-distressed) caviar leather, but I don't believe this is produced.
  9. Thanks for all your help! I think the brown goat skin might be too fragile for me and I called 2 SA's and they said the GST does not come in brown caviar which would have been perfect! I'm going to keep the black caviar and keep on the lookout for a chocolate Chanel! I'm going to NYC in 2 weeks - yay!:wlae:

  10. Where are the two cutsie twins that I am so used to seeing??????????? Put them back!:crybaby:

    New GST eh? I am happy and content with my Black caviar. No more lookey lookey.

    Oh and I did a bad bad thing today. I bought a pair of Chanel flowers by the side sunglasses at Neiman anddddddddddd....... I re-opened my NM account. Boohoo...:sad:
  11. Awww, thanks! I may put up a new photo tonight. . . I may put one of my daughter though.

    I LOVE those camelia sunnies!!! posts photos for us!
  12. Pink~~~ I LOVE the I can tell you purse is fake pic!!! That is priceless!!!!!:happydance: