Brown or Black Eyeliner?

  1. I think black looks so gorgeous on people but on me I always feel it is too harsh. Especially when using liquid liner on top. I end up using a cocoa or blackish brown color. What about you?
  2. I wear brown
  3. I got black-brown eyes,hair and brows and very pale skin, so I use thin black liner, because I find brown to look too redish for my skin tone, and makes me look tired. Black makes my eyes stand out.

    You look a lot like my sis in your avatar, she uses a burgundy-purple eye liner, and sometimes dark green and she looks amazing.
  4. I have light brown eyes that kind of change shade depending on how I do my makeup. I do all different colors depending on my mood.

    I love black liner, because it makes my eyes look like a pale honey color.

    Have you tried a dark gray/charcoal liner? Or you could try applying black shadow with a brush. I think maybe the reason it looks too harsh is because of the liquid liner :shrugs:
  5. I'm Asian with a tanned skin and large lighter brown eyes (than most Asian girls). I use to use a lot of black, but sometimes when I'm tired and my eyes are smaller, they make me look too racoony. At the moment I am using a dark brown liner (Fluidline from MAC) and I find it's great because it compliments most of my eyeshadow (I usually wear golds, browns, taupes, but sometimes I'd add a little color when I go out) and it definitely makes the brown of my eyes pop out.
  6. I use black. I tried brown for a while after a makeup artist told me "black eyeliner is OUT" but I just like the way black looks on me better.
  7. I use a dark gray color.
  8. I use brown or smokey grey. I find black to be too harsh for me, although I do wear black mascara.
  9. I generally use a dark charcoal gray that's not quite black. For daytime black can look a bit harsh with my kind of pale skin and dark hair. I like brown as well for a natural look with pale eyeshadow. My eyes are blue so I feel like the black and brown shades both go well.
  10. I use brown so it blends in with my lashes eye liner looks really odd with my skin tone.
  11. I use Black !
  12. I use a very dark brown during the day with a very light hand. So for night when I want to get a bit more dramatic I load up and my eyes really pop. I love that cat eye look with liquid liner but i could never get that right.
  13. I use Black Eyeliner ^-^
  14. Give me the blackest of black liners please.
  15. I've used black for the longest time.