Brown or Black Croc????

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  1. Girls, which color does the croc pattern more justice? Black or Brown??

    I'm debating on maybe getting one of them, but it's so hard to tell from the pics.

    Any advice?
  2. TBH i really like them both! I have a brown croc MAC but i think i want another clutch like the simone in noir croc... or maybe the noir/noir croc devote!
  3. oh gosh~ thats a hard one! i can't decide either!~ they both look as good, and both colours are so neutral~ i'm not much help am i?!
  4. i prefer the brown croc myself
  5. In pics, the brown croc looks more rich, but I know pics can be deceiving. I wish I could see both, side by side.

    If only I were one of those rich housewives on Bravo, I could probably get them sent to me to choose. :P
  6. I don't know if this will help you at all, they are just Kerry and Erin pouches.
    I really don't think you can go wrong with either. (Sorry the pics are huge!!) [​IMG]
  7. OH WOW! Thank you! They're both gorgeous!!!!

    Now what do I do!!!??? :nuts:
  8. ok, this was a toughie since they both look great, and although both colours are classic, I feel that Brown is more vintage and that Black is more modern so I guess whichever colour works best for you and your wardrobe is the one to go for.. you can't go wrong really hahah
  9. LOL get both!! There is a mini nikki brown croc starting bid $299! You could probably get both bags for the retail price of one!

    Or get two clutches!
  10. HA! Maybe I should first buy those two pouches and decide that way.

    Nah..they're both too gorgeous!!

    Well I'm off to find croc bags on sale. :graucho:
  11. I've noticed the leather seems different on the bags than the accessories!! The accessories are a more stiffer leather, where the bags have a teeny tiny bit less texture and less stiffness.:shrugs:
  12. Yehh, i noticed this too - except i think the bags that are combos have a more "sparse" croc texture (eggshell/ brown cros, black/ black croc) whereas the full croc bags/ accessories have a more intense croc texture...
  13. judging from the minkettes, i like the brown a tad bit better! i like the vintage looking leather~
  14. agree!~
  15. The Brown one, for. I like the warmth and the subtle variation in color. My Brown Croc MAM is probably my favorite RM bag to date.