Brown Open top Silverado on sale at NM

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  1. Hi all,
    I was just at NM in Short Hills NJ and there was a gorgeous brown silverado on sale --it was the large one with the open top--not sure of the name. It retails for $1700 and was marked down to $1100!! they had it in back and took it out for me to see b/c it was on hold for someone. While I was there they called the other person and she no longer wanted it. It's not my style but it is such a great deal. If you are interested call tomorrow!
  2. Does the top go straight across on this one or dip down in the middle. In other words, does it look like this:
  3. Roey, I think that tote is the one which is superb big and has a compartment in the side inside the bag. If it is the one you have, I would go snatch it.hehe:lol:
  4. Oh, that is nice. I am trying not to look..
  5. I can't remember for sure...I think it looks like the one you have pictured. It was gorgeous...just too big for me.

    Only $1000 from $1700...someone buy it! :yes: