Brown on Brown Cambon Reporter on Sale at NM!

  1. If anyone is looking for the brown with brown patent C's Cambon Reporter, it is on sale at NM. The price is 2370 and NM Downtown Dallas and Houston Galleria both have them. :tup:
  2. What's the retail?
  3. I think she said 3200 I think
  4. NM in Troy, MI has three brown on brown Reporters (brown patent CC logo). The s/a insisted it was the larger size but quoted measurements of 14 (including end pockets) x 7. My beige/black Reporter is 16 x 8 including the end pockets and was originally $3175. I'm thinking the reason the original retail is so high on the smaller brown is due to the price increase. The original retail of the smaller size prior to the price increase was $2625 or so.
  5. wow that is still quite alot of $$$
  6. there were 3 at the NM Beverly Hills.