Brown Nosers At Work

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  1. I am not sure if anyone has a thread regarding this subject on here, but I wanted to talk about this subject and see if anyone has this same problem because I'm sure somebody does.
    Here's my question.....
    Have any of you seen the typical office butt kisser who is doing everything they can to backstab other coworkers and only is friends with the boss? Why would anybody be so miserable to do something like this when most of us have to spend at least eight hours a day in an office with people that most of us really wouldn't associate with under normal circumstances. Thoughts please....
  2. Haven't seen this at my current job.. but they wouldn't last too long if they tried it - just nature of the biz.
  3. My current job consists of me, 2 co-workers, & my boss. We all mesh really well. I couldn't have asked for a better work environment.

    My last job, there were a whole lot of a*s kissers. One of my co-workers badmouthed me to the boss over something that had nothing to do with my job. We both ended up getting fired around the same time. I've managed to hang out with her a couple times after the incident, we really get a long now.
  4. Can't say there is really any brown nosers at my job... I was afraid I'd be labeled as one because I always sign up for the overtime and do my job well, but so far I haven't made any enemies lol
  5. In my department, some of the new people that are brought in are elevated to a "special" status that gives them direct access to the 3 main managers. Once the shock of actually being in a position like that settles, they almost all use it to their advantage, whether they've brown-nosed before or not. It comes with a price- they don't realize that they're being used by the managers to maintain the hierarchy within the dept.
  6. Yes, there are some people like that at work. People like that are deep down insecure. People who are comfortably confident in themselves just let their work do the talking. Besides, it reminds of that phrase, "The ass you kick on the way up may be the one who have to kiss on the way down!" Brown-nosers should at least keep this in mind!
  7. yeah, they're out there alright. They are so transparent it's pathetic. Kinda like those parasite fish who swim under the body of the whale to eat the leftovers that drift by - ???

    I used to work for a major butt kisser, who also was the most passive aggressive person on earth. Deadly combo. Thankfully, I left months ago. Too barfy for pursegrrl to stomach.
  8. I've found that the brown nosers don't have any bankable talents to rest upon besides kissassery. They're definitely the ones who are insecure and not so great at their job.

    A girl I used to work at when I first started college a few years ago got fired for being such an incredible kiss ass. And this was at a coffee shop! My feeling is that a good boss should be able to tell who is genuinely nice and who is just trying to get ahead.
  9. I hate those! we have a couple here at work. We call them "flippers" (always clapping to get a treat). They know we are in deep $%#E$%$% but they go: "listen people, we need to support the president! this is a great company, come on!" ---yeah, we haven't gotten a raise in 4 yrs!

  10. Unfortunately people like this are just a part of life. :graucho:
  11. ew. I hate people like this. I don't have any in the work environment, but in college I did, she was not liked to say the least, except by the teachers. Personally I'd rather go on talent alone, she got good grades, but not from her crappy work. She was also incredibly weasily.
    Just try to ignore it the best you can.
  12. not old enough to be in a work environment, but i am in an environment where the word "teachers pet" is often used.

    "ms. smith, johnny is looking at my test, ms smith I did all of the homework and extra credit, ms. smith i understand the homework, ms smith can i be your teachers assistant next year?"
    just annoying kids..
  13. Andy on the office! I hate that guy!
  14. are you kidding? I was in the music business for 15 years! you could throw a rock and hit one of these people! Always kept them at arms length. They don't fool anyone. Even the one attached to the a** they are kissing.
  15. i'm the brown noser at work

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    just kidding!
    Yeah I've got a few of them and thankfully they're all on maternity leave at the moment, but I'm not looking forward to them coming back next month... My plan is, just say it how it is and just complain if i have too in order to survive at least a day!