Brown Medium Chloe Silverado on BlueFly ...

  1. ah it's already gone...did they go back to the calfskin vs. the buffalo leather? Looks like it...
  2. That's what it seems like from the description, although maybe BF's description is off?

    Hopefully someone from tPF snatched it up and can confirm whether it's kidskin -- and post pics!!
  3. def looks like kidskin, like the first Silverado that I had and sold in naturel color. Same type of shiny finish. My chocolate one is very thick leather, totally different.
  4. I bet its gorgeous in chocolate!! I prefer the large Silverado though. WIsh it was the large!! GORGY!!!! Unlike Balenciaga, Chloe Bags have nice thick leather which I LOVE. Not that I dont love B bags too!!
  5. So was that Chloe real? After all the controversy about their Balenciagas, I'm now scared about their other stuff. It looks weirdly shiny too me...

    Chloe experts, what do you guys think? Thanks!

  6. Personally, it looks much too smooth and shiny and like 'perfect' to me to be genuine. I'd pay $1200 and buy from a b/m retail store myself.
  7. its REAL~ I have it in blue color:love: !!!