Brown Legacy Shoulder Bag...

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  1. did Coach ever make the legacy shoulder bag w/ 2 pockets in brown?
  2. I'm not sure....hopefully someone will chime in with the answer. If they did, I have never seen it. I love the 06 shoulder bag!!
  3. How can you tell if the bag is 06 or 07? Sorry did not mean to jump off topic.

    Back to the question....I have looked and haven't seen one either. I have really only seen whiskey. Brown would be beautiful next to the brass:yes:
  4. yes!
  5. The brwon Legacy Shoulder Bag No. 10328 was available as a Department store exclusive and was sold by Macy's.
  6. It was a Macys exclusive color, and you can still find them at a few stores, but they go fast. Same with the Brown Ali.

    There's also been a few on eBay that have popped up.
    Way too much....I'd only offer what the bag was worth: $398 or less. I've seen these listed for much less. Try again in late Oct/Nov when postings usually go up.

    As for the '06 vs '07 - the '06 styles had the two pockets on the front, and the '07 only has one. The '07 styles look a lot like the '06 style: 10326 which is the smaller zip top.
  7. Thanks! I have the Brown Ali but I have never seen the shoulder bag...I would love to purchase the one on eBay but $440 is way too much!
  8. There is one on ebay right now