Brown Leather Carly Slim....Where are you??

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  1. I recently fell in :heart: with the slim and ** must *** have it in brown leather but so far, searching high and low has got me nothing....

    Does anyone know where I can find her :confused1::crybaby::sad:
  2. ** bump **
  3. Could she be at the outlet? I am trying to remember if she's there. I know they have the black and blue leather ones there.
  4. Yes it was at the outlet mid-July or so.
  5. Williamsburg VA outlet has a lot of slim carly in sig.
  6. Call JAX, I think they still have them in stock and order it through a store if you have a PCE so you can use it! :smile:

  7. JAX only has the camel.....if anyone comes across her in brown leather....could you let me know please :yes: