brown leather ali?

  1. Anyone know where I could get one? I'm not having any luck on eBay and LOVE that color :crybaby: If I can't get that one i'm either going to go with the whiskey or black...which one would be cuter and go with more (color wise) for everyday use?

    Opinions please! :smile:
  2. I got my brown Ali off of eBay. Not sure where else you could find it. The black and whiskey are very different, IMHO. The black is treated so won't scratch easily and I believe it's safer in bad weather. The whiskey scratches easily. Depends on if you want a more vintage, worn looking bag or a more classic bag. Good luck!
  3. Have you tried calling coach? I don't know if you can still order it through them or not.
  4. I know you can still order the Ali but I don't know if Brown is available. I think it sold out a while ago..