Brown Hailey colours?

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  1. I am looking for a hailey to buy for my mom and when I called JAX earlier today the lady said they had a number of acorn haileys. Did they make the hailey in acorn?

    TIA :smile:
  2. Yes I believe so, and that was a nice shade of brown.
  3. does anyone have pictures by any chance?
  4. anyone???
  5. I don't believe Coach made an acorn Hailey, but I have a walnut Hailey. The pic is in my profile
  6. TBH I don't remember the acorn Hailey, but then I have a walnut Hailey so I probably wouldn't have been much interested ... too similar. Coach did make an acorn Maggie and acorn Sabrina ... dd pic of the acorn Maggie is attached. IMO the acorn was very close to the walnut.

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  7. I couldn't get a dd pic to pull up of Hailey in acorn, but here are comparison pics of Maggie in acorn vs. walnut, both very pretty.

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  8. I also don't recall there being an acorn Hailey but I do have a walnut Hailey whose coloring is pretty similar to the Acorn. Both are equally as pretty IMO. I was just in a FP Coach the other day and thought the acorn color was walnut so that's how similar they are to me :shrugs: