brown/green Jack & Lucey keychain phtots!

  1. can someone please post a photo of the green and brown key chain? I have searched everwhere on the forum and cant find any photos. I wanted to order one tomorrow I just cant decide. I like the orange and white a lot but didnt know if the green would be better with monograhm bag
  2. these are from a PFer
  3. the photos did not open for me...what can I do?

  4. They did not open for me either.:crybaby:
  5. Sorry ladies- I had deleted the other photos from my file. Here is a new one for you...
  6. is the black one missing a tooth?:smile:
  7. that is sooo cute! i totally want one
  8. I want one to.
  9. No, it has a stud in that tooth. It just doesn't photograph properly!
  10. no its not missing as tooth...there is one brass like stone hting instead of a crystal...i was playing with all the keychains at LV in bloomies today and noticed it.
  11. is it just my computer, or is that black and orange? :confused1:
  12. I prefer the orange and white.
  13. cuuuuute