Brown Gauffre Hobo - would this nick bother you?

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  1. This just came today. How I wish it had silver hardware. But also, there's a little knick. What would you do? Send it back?


  2. I would. In fact when I received the antic cervo satchel today from Saks, it had a long scratch or something. Gosh, you pay lots of $$$ and your bag should arrive PERFECT. LOL. I sent mine back.
  3. Blah! Sorry to hear that about your bags. :sad: I would definitely return them and get a new ones. I would be too annoyed to keep it.

    I would call the store and ask them to send you a fresh bag...
  5. Congrats!!! I have the same bag and loooove it! The little knick would bother me though. Just exchange it for another one. I prefer silver HW also, but I think the gold isn't so bad on the brown bag.
  6. Yes, exchange it for a perfect one.
  7. please do return for a perfect one.
  8. Yes, send it back. You spent too much to keep a damaged bag.